hiya i'm caf, i'm seventeen and i live in england.

i like tea and chinese food and bubble baths and giant chocolate buttons and acoustic music. my friends and family mean everything.

million fangurlz

can’t actually believe i have less than a week left in essex before moving to brighton for uni. it still hasn’t properly sunk in yet, it’s all happened so fast.

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reblogging random shit because i’ve decided i miss tumblr

aw my tumblr inbox is too cute


Anonymous :
You are the most b-e-a-utiful cutest girl i have ever seen <3

aw aw aw i’m melting a bit <3

Anonymous :
you're gorgeous

aw messages like this made me realise why i loved tumblr so much haha

wolf-kind :
I LOVE YOU ! i also have a question.... Will you marry me ? ♥

I LOVE YOU TOO. and aw i thought you’d never ask <3 

sorry for the 6 month wait for a reply hahahaha :)

haven’t been on here in over 9 months.. weird how this used to pretty much be my life haha, so strange reading through my blog now.

follow me on twitterrrr



i’ll follow back promiseeee :)

i haven’t been on here since 18th december. wow i forgot i even had this to be honest. lost over 300 followers haha wooops sorry guys

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